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The 18th of July saw the first private collection preview. It was such a pleasure to be able to share the collection and some unreleased pieces in person. For you to see, touch and try and most importantly to share, everything that we've been doing and will be doing. Unfortunately not everyone was able to make it.

It's something that we would love to continue doing in the future, but as you know it's not the most practical since not everyone is based in London or can make the time to attend. So we've found a way to do it so that you don't miss a thing. That is, to do it virtually! Introducing the PRIVÉ space.

This section has been specifically created for you to get first hand insight, news and so much more. It's a place to know what MML is working on, to give your feedback, and to have a more intimate relationship with the brand. You can also share photos of you in your MERCI ME pieces, see what events are coming up (not necessarily MML related but certainly MML approved). You'll find special discount codes and have first access to anything new.

Within the space you will have created a VIP membership that gives you access to this page. You can update your membership with details of you address, a personal profile and more. To access it there is a login button on the right hand-side of the site (from any page). By clicking the round icon button (once logged in) you can access your secure members account which will allow you to update your details and see the process of any orders you've placed, photos you've posted, events you've RSVP'd to etc etc etc.

To access the PRIVÉ you can either do so by logging in or simply going straight to the page and logging in. This kind of membership is by approval only so really it is a very small close knit group of MML queens. If you'd like to recommend/or refer a friend you're more than welcomed to just simple direct them to the PRIVÉ page and sign up. They will need be a approved with your referral. But they will not have access until they have been approved so be sure to give us a heads up.

In the meantime, enjoy the space and stay tuned.


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