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It's probably you, if you're reading this!

The concept behind the new collection is about the strength and beauty of women who in particular have moved from where they were born. They've created home(s) elsewhere or continue to travel the globe and in doing so evolve and become something unrecognisable to both places. These women are of particular interest to us (not for being better or worse) because there really is something in thriving in a space that you have carved out for yourself.

The grit, resilience and unshakeable faith in yourself needed to do this is awesome. It is enough to inspire an aesthetic. You are our warrior queen; a woman that knows her worth (queendom) and has to each day be true to herself, even when herself cannot be defined by where she came from and where she is going. You keep true to yourself despite the new places, faces and spaces you greet.

It's a very powerful thing, not often celebrated: but simply waking up, showing up is incredible!

With MML, we'd like to to talk to you! We'd like to dress you and capture your glory. We'd also like to impart the things you've learnt on your life journey. It is sometimes as simple as 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. It can be a lonely place, or you might have solace in other women like you, but when you consider it, how often do you have conversations about occupying a space you didn't have an inherent manual for or how you felt when you didn't belong or that situations didn't understand who you were (especially outside of your comfort zone)?

This is the call...we want you!

Many of you might live in London but you were not born here. Or you travel, despite the fear of it and the challenges you face and continue to do so!

This is the call...we want you!

Or you simply deal with something somewhere and it feels like it's just you and you're your own army.

This is the call...we want you!

We'll likely be in touch, but in case we haven't, get in touch. We already know that you'd be perfect.


Get in touch: or register here:

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