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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

The new collection.

The in-between place? Some may call it diaspora. But really, its a constant finding of and redefinition of self in a place between time and space.

That place between where you came from and where you are, when the two are separate things. This is the place where a warrior queen is unknowingly made. She is by default a queen by right of being born. And in her movement and growth in life she has become a warrior because she must protect and continue to carve the queen she is and continues to be.


This collection is this regality. The royal journey of a wondering woman. Un-fussed, simple, rough and refined by her path in the world. Of diaspora. From a place of origin of which she must remain true and on a journey that will add an unknown new - that will change her.

She is tribal. But not only tribal. She is transformed and constantly so.... she has moved and grown and she is moving and growing. Her movement makes her unrecognisable to most because she is creating something that never before existed.

She is now a warrior. Glorious from her queendom and strong from nomadic magic. She is a warrior queen. 

“She shoots at stars to let them know she is here.”

She shoots at stars to let them know she is here. She is hardened by the negation her difference attracts. Even in her difference, though stiffening, she is still special. But her hardness, while it is fierce, is still tender and full with soul. 

She is not bitter but she has become better and this is her trajectory. She stamps as she walks to make her mark. And when she greets you, you feel all of love and pain, uncut and unadulterated that you can only love her awesomely. She has remained a queen despite the pressure, despite it all. You sir or madam would be a fool to expect a cold breeze, instead she is refreshing...warm and energising is her presence.


She is the warrior queen. A queen first and a warrior to keep her queendom. 

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